It is our future! ... this sentence triggered everything. Man-made climate change is certainly the greatest challenge of our century.

The primary goal would be to avoid emissions at all. Compensation should mainly neutralize those steps that can be made very difficult or not emission-free at all.

With each new contribution we create new areas that we take out of active agriculture and give back to nature and its inhabitants in the form of nature conservation areas.

With your compensation measure, regardless of the amount, you are demonstrably making an important contribution to sustainable and measurable environmental and animal protection.

Our compensation measures are absolutely transparent and are documented with pictures and GPS data. There are also 4 other testing bodies that ensure the suitability of the investment.

Climate neutrality is only achieved when activities do not cause greenhouse gas emissions. The Co2 balance created must therefore be "fully" compensated!

By climate conscious we do not mean total commentary but only a contribution to climate protection. Our measures are marked accordingly.

The climate has already fluctuated over millions of years. Since the beginning of industrialization, the composition of the atmosphere has changed due to greenhouse gas emissions. The resulting warming increases the natural greenhouse effect and leads to a noticeable change. This global warming naturally has a significant impact on people and nature.

With a probability of over 95%, global warming in the last 50 years can be attributed to humans.

Co2 or carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas which, as part of the carbon cycle, is a natural part of our air.

The majority of Co2 emissions come from the areas of heat production, industry, agriculture, transport and electricity. These areas account for approximately 84% of all man-made emissions.

Sustainability describes a development that satisfies the needs of the present without affecting the conditions of future generations.

The rule is: avoid before reduction!

Avoiding Co2 emissions is definitely the best measure to counteract climate change. One of the most important everyday causes is of course traveling by plane in the car or by ship. Careful consumer behavior and dealing with electricity requirements also play an important role.