For communities

The climate program for COMMUNITIES!

Because it all concerns us!
Show a role model and honest responsibility with a small contribution!


The implementation of the climate program creates countless benefits for the entire community. Especially with the "Environmental protection meets traffic and safety" project, this very small contribution can create immense added value for safety. The quality of life is massively increased by the project "The farmer as a friend in the settlement". Awareness-raising increases enormously through the role model function in nature. Dedicated but undeveloped areas are used sensibly – 110.000 kg Co2!



In recent years, the topic of “digitization in the age of smartphones” has increased more and more. Digital information and the exchange with its citizens and tourists has become increasingly important, especially for cities and municipalities. The community app offers all information on the smartphone that is interesting and worth knowing for visitors and locals. More and more people are using powerful smartphones with which they can use the offers of the mobile Internet anytime and anywhere. Prepare smart and future-proof as a community!


BEE the change –  Let's change together!