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Over the past few years, environmental protection has gained similar importance as a competitive factor in marketing, such as the quality or price of products and services.
In the future, it will become more and more important for entrepreneurs to present the customer with a balanced Co2 balance, because the customer is judging more and more and this also changes the buying behavior. 

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who we are

What are we doing?

We are a young company from Austria / Carinthia, with solutions to compensate for an unequal CO2 balance.
Our main task is to broker and provide agricultural areas for animal and environmental protection.
Supporters of social institutions, as well as educators about children and young people in nature.

what we offer

What advantage?

Sustainability - clear and verifiable proof of your ecological footprint.
Transparency - presentation of your investment with image documentation and GPS data.
Individuality - individually coordinated project, completely autonomous or with your active contribution.
Added value - improvement of the company, positive advertising effect


Which possibilities?

Achieving 100% climate neutrality.
Reactivations after natural disasters.
Participation in the "ecological replacement area" model.
Forest protection project, protection of old stock and / or new plantings.
Customized theme parks.
Contribution to bee protection - personalized beehives with yield.

Let us begin

The next steps!

Step 1: Evaluation of the current CO2 balance.
Step 2: Development of different models for CO2 balancing.
Step 3: Implementation of an existing or individually created project.
Step 4: Transparent documentation of the implementation and adaptation for your advertising measures.

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