our mission


It is EVERYONE `S business!

We see it as our task with your contribution to create habitats for bees, insects and small game. As a home-based organization, we start where we are at home.

Through innumerable compensation measures such as planting new trees, reforestation after natural disasters or pest infestation, protecting old stands or by creating flowering areas, we humans can pay our ecological debts.

At BEESARK we really offer EVERYONE the opportunity to make an active contribution and be a doer!

BEE honest

Be honest! Give nature back what she deserves!

BEE different

Be different! Plant a tree, now is the time to do it!

BEE a hero

Be a hero! With your contribution we create new living spaces!

BEE a keeper

Be a beekeeper! Sponsor a bee colony!

BEE a Hero!  Become a BEESMAKER now!